Prayers for Our Country: The 2016 Election - November 12, 2016
We must be careful not to vilify anyone too quickly.

How to Break Unhealthy Relationship Patterns - October 23, 2014
Well, how do you?

Confessions of a Museum Guard - August 8, 2014
What is it like to serve others while standing on marble all day? Find out.

Single in a World of Weddings - July 26, 2014
When your biological clock is ticking and there ain't no ring on that finger....

Stepping off the Art World Hamster Wheel - July 3, 2014
Saying no to the artistic rat-race on behalf of one's own self-worth.

Celebrity Culture and the Price of Perfection - May 10, 2014
Does fame come with social responsibility? You're damn well tootin' it does! 

The Art of Being Present - April 29, 2014
We spend so much of our daily lives unconsciously. How to be present in little ways.

The Basic Bitch: Who Am I? - April 18, 2014
What is a basic bitch? Am I a basic biotch? Are you? Be honest now...

How to be a Good Salesperson - April 8, 2014
Customer service 101.

Thoughts on Guilt - April 5, 2014
How many of our relationships are formed on the basis of guilt? How do we cut these ties and form healthier relationships?


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