Life at the Flower Shop 2018-2019

This winter, I started working for Starbright Floral Design. Starbright is a family-owned floral design company based in New York City's Historic Flower District. Every day at Starbright is a different adventure; sometimes, the florists are all-consumed with creating 15 pieces for a wedding, or a florist is making an enormous arrangement for a client's weekly order. Behind each head florist is a team of workers who deliver the flowers to the locations, strip leaves and thorns off of flowers, take customer calls and wrappers and dispatchers. So many people contribute to one order, from start to finish. 

In addition to creating amazing floral arrangements, Starbright also sets up holiday decorations, plant care programs for offices, hotels and residences. I began assisting with holiday decorations and then learned to fulfill live plant orders for customers. I am currently assisting with plant care at Starbright's client locations.

Note: All succulent, orchid and plant displays pictured here are my own, unless otherwise noted (i.e. "display by Starbright florist").


I began working at Starbright about mid-November 2018 setting up Christmas displays in New York City. We assembled wreaths, garlands and trees in yachts, hotels, lobbies, restaurants and more. It was hard work but worth it to see how a few pieces of decoration can transform a location.

World Yacht

Decorations at the Bar

Helping Carlos and Faustino at Serafina Restaurant

Carlos "The Maestro" and his tree

The "Maestro" composes another tree!

Setting up cute little Norfolk Island Pine trees for an office.

Back at the store...Head Florist Socrates ponders his next move as he designs the front window

Socrates designs the front

The previous head-florist, Socrates, working on an event: amazing how fast he makes a dozen identical pieces!

Fabulous work by Starbright florists!

Christmas strikes again! Assembling (3) 9-foot Christmas trees in the shop before delivering them to the Hilton for a one night event. 

We assembled the trees in the store

Then they partially dis-assembled the trees and drove them to the Hilton

In an enormous freight elevator

The finished product!

Final display at the Hilton: one night only!!

Starbright's January window display, by our floral designers

Starbright's January display by Socrates

Once Christmas decorating is officially over, I begin to assist with live plant orders, including these displays for a convention.

Ready to go!

Sizing up succulents before planting

Fulfilling an online order

Succulent boxes vary depending on the types of plants and containers available at the store

Small succulents on display outside of the store

More succulent displays for clients

Cacti garden!

Succulent display for a gym

Whipped up some succulents to sell in these funny heart containers

Coming up with a cacti design for this geometric container was not easy. 
By adding shells, sand, moss and bark, I conveyed the feeling of a miniature seashore 

 Making fake succulent containers 

My husband sent me this: featured on Starbright's Instagram holding an enormous air plant!!!

 In addition to succulent displays, Starbright also fulfills orders for live orchids planted in a variety of containers. Here are some shots of the work table where we assemble the orders.

Putting the finishing touches on this white phalaenopsis

White Phalaenopsis ready to be packed and delivered

Christmas-themed orchids!

Christmas-themed orchids!

 Orchids going to a client account

Orchids and succulent mix for a corporate client

Very fancy: orchid, cut succulents, air plant and curly willow!

Orchids sans moss/bark

VIP triple orchid

Quadruple white, ready to be delivered

Triple orchid, Times Square

Demonstrating orchid planting for Starbright on International Womens Day

Orchid bridge at spa/gym

        Playing with colors for this spring orchid arrangement


Orchids on display at hotel near Times Square

Triple orchid with curly willow

Scenes from Starbright: From plant care experts to florists, to delivery guys to dispatch to phone center to event planning, there are so many different aspects of the business!

Gamal loading plants for a corporate account into the van

Helping Gamal to install Peace Lilies at a corporate office

Calamondin under grow lights!

More calamondin (a small citrus) under grow lights

Giant Pothos at corporate account

Beautiful Dracaena 'Warneckii' at corporate account

Small succulent containers at corporate account

Creation by Byron, Starbright florist, at a corporate account

Creation by Byron, Starbright florist

Creation by Byron, Starbright florist

Creation by Byron, Starbright florist

Florist station

Florist station

 One of our amazing florists, Fotini, and a design by Nabel, a Starbright florist

Front window display by our florists

Money Tree and Terrarium plantings

Shelf display by yours truly that was soon dismantled. But that's okay :-)

With the help of an amazing florist, Eduardo, I made my first floral piece for a friend.

Some of my crazy co-workers (from Starbright's Instagram account):


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