Early to Mid-Summer in the Garden 2015

This summer I am interning at the SUNY Farmingdale Teaching Gardens. The Teaching Gardens are comprised of smaller gardens or "garden rooms" such as the Tropical Garden, the Silver Garden, the Annual Beds and so on. This summer I am also interning at the relatively new Sustainable Garden, The Sustainable Garden is less formal than the other gardens, featuring vegetables, fruits, grasses and wildflowers. In addition, I volunteer once a week at the Gardens at the Cloisters Museum.  Finally, this June I took a wonderful class at SUNY Farmingdale called the History of Garden Design with Professor Inguanti. The class was a four-week intensive, where we learned about a different culture or historical period per night. At the end of the course, we turned in a design for a modern garden based on what we learned in class. It has been a busy summer but a productive and educational one!

The Formal Gardens - May 2015
Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelli' - Abysinian Banana

Dr. Iversen positioning the Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelli' (Abysinian Banana) on the annual beds

The Ensette now planted, we staked out diagonal beds.
Planting Alternanthera ficoidea 'Red Threads' along the diagonal bed divisions.
Note the Cyperus papyrus at the mid-section of the bed.

On the corner, Helichrysum petiolare (Licorice Plant),
and Tagetes erecta 'Vanilla' (White Marigold)
with the Alternanthera ficoidea 'Red Threads'

The Front Gate! 
The Herb Garden
Rhododendron varieties between the Silver Garden and the Tropical Garden
In the Silver Garden: Kalanchoe beharensis (Velvet Leaf), Senecio vira-vira (Dusty Miller), Senecio cinerarim, Plectranthus argentatus, Petunia 'Tidalwave Silver'
Planting pots in the front of the Greenhouse

The Formal Gardens - June 2015
Juan trimming the palms

Roses and peonies
A condom in the Ilex x meservae! 
The Tropical Garden at SUNY Farmingdale

Nick and Dr. Iversen inspecting the Tropical Garden pond

Mahonia bealei  - Leatherleaf Mahonia. Beautiful foliage, yellow flowers and grape like clusters of berries.
Watch out for the dried leaves on the ground!!

 Rare garden selfie.

 Yellow flowering cactus near the dwarf conifer mound

Arundo donax (Giant Cane) and Erigeron annuus (Daisy Fleabane)

A tiny bunny in the Teaching Gardens behind the Greenhouse.
My professors can't stand them because they eat the young plants.

Sustainable Garden
Since the Sustainable Garden is only a few years old, we spend a lot of time setting up beds, pruning trees and weeding. The goal of the garden is to become a self-sustaining one, sourcing water from the greenhouse roof and requiring minimal inputs.
Planting vegetables in the Farmingdale State College's Sustainable Garden
Training grape vines in the Sustainable Garden
Grape vines
Staking tomatoes

Bringing home some herbs and veggies...

...later that night: cooking with kale and cilantro from the Sustainable Garden!!

The Cloisters
Once a week, I volunteer at the Cloisters Gardens. This work is more detail-oriented than the work at the Sustainable and the Formal Gardens. The gardeners, the security guards and the rest of the staff at the Cloisters are wonderful people. I'm slowly learning the plants, so if visitors ask me what this or that is, I usually refer them to the head gardeners. 
Construction at the Cloisters Garden
The last rose on this little bush at the Cloisters
A classic quadripartite cloisters garden at the Cloisters Museum
The Cloisters Garden
Video of Silene uniflora 'Compacta' - or Bladder Campion - at the Cloisters Gardens

 Wild Flowers and Fresh Herbs grown at ECOStationNY at the Bushwick Co-op. 

And Finally.... My sketches and final project for the History of Garden Design Class.

Felt pen drawing of sunflower
Felt marker drawing of perennial border
My design for the wonderful History of Garden Design class with Professor Inguanti.
 For our final project, we designed a garden based on historical gardens that we learned in class.
My final plan and perspective for a friend's garden based on Chinese and Japanese gardens for the History of Garden Design Class. 
Perspective for backyard, facing away from the house


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