Winter Gardening in New York 2015

Pratt Campus during the storm
We had quite the winter here in New York. 
Classes were cancelled several Mondays in a row due to storms. 
These are some shots from the major snow storm in late January. 

Container planting after the storm
Container planting after the snow storm
Have a seat!

 In March, I volunteered at the High Line, a city park on a repurposed elevated freight rail partially completed in 2009 (the newest addition completed in 2014). The planting design is by Piet Oudolf, a Netherlandish designer who uses plants for their year-round color (including brown!). You can see images of the cutback (and some shots of me) on the High Line Blog 

Witchhazel on the High Line
Puschkinia sciloides var. libanotica (Striped Squill or Earl Stardrift) on the High Line

Sumac against the cloudy sky (The High Line)

 Back at school, we were preparing for the Department of Urban Horticulture and Design's annual plant sale.

We potted some of the ferns and variegated Abutilon for hanging baskets. 
I loved the Abutilon and took several pictures!

Spider Plants
The Plant Sale!!
Hellebore in my school's garden
Pear tree at my restaurant
I drew these fiddleheads on a bar napkin after surviving a botany midterm.
Monilophytes is the correct term for ferns, btw.
Metasequoia glyptostroboides, or Dawn Redwood. 
I got it wrong on my final exam because I wasn't used to seeing it with leaves. 
However, I didn't realize that I had wrongly identified it until I took a nap underneath it after the final!
Spring has sprung!


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