Garden Shots- Late Summer and Early Fall 2014

This fall, I began a program in Horticulture/Landscape Design at SUNY Farmingdale in Long Island. Before classes began, I had to visit the school several times to secure proper documentation and to register for classes. Not yet versed in the Teaching Gardens, which have been around over one hundred years, I explored with my camera. Here are a few mid-late summer highlights. 

SUNY Farmingdale Teaching Gardens
The Formal Gardens

The Sustainable Garden

Once classes began, I had less time to perambulate the gardens. Instead, I documented weeds that I found at school, and in my neighborhood in Brooklyn.
Chinese weeds? No, it's just the newspaper.
Weed delivery!
Selfie on a sunny day.
The monster load!
Tree Symbols from Landscape Drafting class

Here are some lovely fall shots of the Sustainable Garden at SUNY Farmingdale.

Flowers with Instagram filter

Field trip photos! This past week, my Sustainable Gardening class took a field trip to the Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing. I rode my bike 10 miles to get there, only to be poisoned by the MSG-laced soup at a nearby eatery. Oh well. Here are some photos of the trip!
Giant cucumber!!!
My classmate informs me that there is a
member of similar size in his pants. Jolly!
This looks like a sad, old Christmas tree in February.
These guys seem prehistoric!
Cucumber with Instagram filter
Prehistoric guys with IG filter

This week, I began a work-study in the SUNY Farmingdale Sustainable Garden. Basically, I get paid to learn how to do what I love: working with plants and interacting with people. Here is a customer at our weekly Farmer's Market. All of the produce, herbs and flowers were picked by workers and volunteers in the garden. Food not purchased is donated to Food Not Bombs.

Am told that I pick a mean pepper...actually no one says that.
These guys are actually hard to pick: they hide from you and break easily.
I love the garden in the autumn light!

Uprooting the papyrus and other tropical plants before the first frost.

The Herb Garden in the Fall

SUNY Farmingdale Fall Foliage


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