An Insider's View of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Some of my favorite photos from two years working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!
Photographs are arranged by wing (Asian, American, Impressionism, etc). 
All photos taken by yours truly, although you can find most of the artwork online at:

Pigeons on the Front Steps

 The Great Hall

Foliage and Pumpkins, Fall 2014

My friend Ryan

Costume Institute Gala 2013

Costume Institute Gala 2013

Costume Institute Gala 2014

Costume Institute Gala 2013

Greek and Roman

Greek Vase with Athletes

Boxer at Rest
 Last summer, the Museo Nazionale Romano-Palazzo Massimo alle Terme lent the Boxer at Rest to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Boxer is a complete Hellenistic bronze, which is a rarity since most of the original bronzes were destroyed, the metal reused. We know most Greek statues by the Roman copies. If you look closely, you can see how the artist(s) inlaid other metals to give the impression of blood, lips, and other materials.It was amazing and as you can tell, I was a little obsessed.

Bronze Etruscan chariot found by a farmer in his field!

Bad Ass Etruscan Stuff

European Paintings 1280-1800
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Angels,  by Master of Verlungo

The Rembrandt Room!
Rembrandt Couple
The husband belongs to the Taft Museum in Ohio, the wife, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Every few years, they get to spend a few weeks next to each other.
This was their last day together.


Fra Angelico

This guy looks like my brother Joel

Antonio Canova "Cupid and Psyche"

The Impressionist Wing
 Bertold Loffler "Youth Playing the Pipes of Pan" 1912

 Detail of Bertold Loffler "Youth Playing the Pipes of Pan" 1912

 Odilon Redon "Pandora" 1914

 Leon Bonnat "An Egyptian Peasant Woman and her Child"

"Nymphs and Satyr" by Bouguereau

European Sculpture and Decorative Arts (ESDA)

The Petrie Court

Perseus and Medusa

Modern Art
Rodin, Derain, Degas

Ken Price Retrospective

Henry Moore

American Wing
The Charles Engelhard Court

George Bellows

George Bellows

George Bellows "Dempsey and Firpo" 1924

Louis C. Tiffany

Louis C. Tiffany
The Charles Engelhard Court

This was a spectacular show!!

The Charles Engelhard Court

The Charles Engelhard Court

 Ancient Near East
Assyrian Reliefs from modern day Iraq

Bronze Lion

 Islamic Wing
Turkmen Jewelry from the collection of Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf

The Asian Wing
The Medicine Buddha

 Chinese Calligraphy
1000 Character Challenge

  Chinese Calligraphy - Seal Script

  Chinese Calligraphy - Seal Script

Deer in Japan

Ancient Japanese Shaman


Fasting Buddha

Lord Ganesha

Hindu Deities

 Vishnu-The Universe

 Lord Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles

Loving Couple

Ceiling of Jain Meeting House, India 16C
 Mother Goddess, Java 14th-15th Century

Chinese Mermaid

Vishnu, India, Sandstone

Summer in Central Park

Meso-American Art

Arms and Armor

If I could choose one item.. Japanese sword and case

Julia Margaret Cameron "Guenevere and Lancelot"
Kim Kimball: artist who works as a security guard

My watercolor painting at the Met Employee Art Show

Drawing of Ganesha, remover of obstacles


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