Saint Augustine, Dartmouth College and California, Summer 2014

This weekend my brother got married! In Saint Augustine, Florida! With the gators and a flock of Jack Sparrows! Here are some pics from the trip, humans excluded for the most part.

 Porch Life

 The Witch's House

 The Wizard's Entrance

 Weezer was playing! We missed it. 
Boston was the next night. Can you believe it??

 Punch-Buggy White

 Mermaid! This must be my bar.

 The Bachelorette Party, before our alcoholic demise

 They don't make moss like this in California!

 Secret Garden

 Hidden House

 I love this fence.

 St. Augustine Gator Farm!

 Aviary at the Gator Farm


 All the folks we missed at the wedding.

 Me and my Aunt Nikka!

 Cool British-Themed Restaurant

 Irene and I loved this little cottage...

 ...and this one, too!

 Check out the Moorish design on the top windows.

Sea House!

 Our humble abode.

 The Happy Couple!
Photo by Alex and Cammy Photography

On the way to Dartmouth
The following weekend, I went to Dartmouth for my 10 year (actually it's 9) reunion. Read about all the action on the following post, cleverly titled, "Following Ones Bliss at a College Reunion."
Below are some fun pics.

 Jeff's in Springfield, Mass

 Band at Panarchy's Great Gatsby!
I had fun until I saw the bass player who looked like three of my exes combined.
Promptly got a headache and left. Good times!

 Pubic hair on the outlet box. Dorm life!!

 My friend Emily Rose Miller at Dartmouth College's new Black Family Studio Art Building

 The Stadium: Ivy League!

 Bartlett Tower, Dartmouth College
Built 1885-1895

 Bartlett Tower Graffiti!

 Bartlett Tower Roof

 My roomies! Beth and Sharie

 Wishing you a Happy Reunion!!

 Ledyard Canoe Club Legends


 Me, Beth, Sharie, Heather and a Moustache

 Miss Moustache

 Kiku Moustache!!

 Quaint House, Hanover, NH

 This whole trip was Moustache-themed

The Three Amigas! Wearing Ruby Woo :)

Wedding Crasher
This July, my cousin Becca got married! Her last name is now Gyr. Her husband Alex is very sweet, which compensates for the unpronounceable surname. My mom and I flew in together and had some lovely adventures in Gilroy, Monterey and Carmel, California.

 Fresh peaches, cherries, nectarines, etc. A life-saver for traffic-jams!

 Roadside cherry stand, Gilroy California

 Becca and Alex! And some criminal photos by yours truly

 Mini-polaroids. What a great idea for a party!

 ...except when your nephew claims one for the night.
Guess who encouraged him?

 Inspect the damage!
But to be fair, he did paste each and every photo into the "Memories" book.

 The next day, my Mom and I walked along Monterey Cannery Row

 California poppies!!! How I miss you!

 Cool boat

 Just looking at the water


 Neat decaying structures with rust and covered graffiti

 Mom in front of this beautiful tower

 View of the bay

 More seals!!

 Another shot of the Chinese boat

 I thought this was neat...Cannery Row

 These are called Mantilla poppies. My mom wanted to bring some home but was afraid they would die en route.

 Selfie with Grandma Flora

 Grandma Flora and I on Polaroid

 Why I don't get invited to weddings (just kidding)

 Bocce Ball!!

 Past Salinas, heading to San Jose

 I think this looks like my brother Joel.
It's a good financial omen for him $$$

Plane shots, heading back East

 Cooked shrimp cloud!!


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