StreetArtNYC, June 2014

What's nice about being a human being is the ability to choose. One day you have ice cream for dessert, the next, fresh fruit, and perhaps nothing at all the day after that. Similarly, I vacillate between artistic mediums. For several years after graduate school, I painted in watercolor and gouache on paper because I lacked the funds and the studio for large easel painting. As my interest in painting waned, I often felt guilty for abandoning my chosen major in college and graduate school. 

But wait - didn't I choose painting as a major simply to fulfill academic requirements? I actually remember not wanting to choose a major so I could take more sculpture and Italian classes, but the darned registrar or whoever decides your academic fate said NO! You must choose a major and a concentration! And that was that. 

Rather than box myself into a single category, I find merit in celebrating this multidimensional person whom I call "myself." More recently, side projects including collaboration, assemblage, writing and photography have come to the forefront. Let them! At times, it feels if I am watching someone else perform, take photos, write articles. Where do the ideas originate from? What is this eye that sees beauty in neighborhood street trash or haunted homes? There is no easy answer. This blog has been a wonderful outlet for these mini-projects, which are not projects but whims which I have (sometimes) been smart enough to pursue.

Swoon, Brooklyn Museum

 Ai Wei Wei, Brooklyn Museum

 Metal Post, Lower East Side

 The Bowery at Sunset

 Bar Interior, Alphabet City
Matt Siren Sticker

  Bar Interior, Alphabet City


 Trash Day, Bed-Stuy

 Found Roses (had to return them), Bed-Stuy

 My Friend Matt

 Matt @ Motorino's Pizza, East Village

 Hudson River Parkway, Facing New Jersey

 Rembrandt Couple: The husband belongs to the Taft Museum in Ohio, the wife, to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Every few years, they get to spend a few weeks next to each other. This was their last day together.

 Dispossession, Bed-Stuy. The house next to me, which has been illegally housing squatters for years, was finally condemned. The building had no running water, structural damage and a collapsing roof. Last summer I played with the children staying there. In the fall they left for who knows where. Let's pray that they are okay.

 View from Myrtle-Broadway Platform
Team Rokit, Leaf 8k 

  View from Myrtle-Broadway Platform
Team Rokit, Leaf 8k

  View from LIRR Platform, Bed-Stuy

  View from Myrtle-Broadway Platform

  View from LIRR Platform, Bed-Stuy

 Poster in LIRR Train

 Sticker, Tag, Long Island

 Sticker, LIRR Train, Queens

  View from LIRR Platform, Bed-Stuy

 Condemned Building, Bed-Stuy

Condemned Washer, Bed-Stuy

 Beautiful Doorway, Bedstuy/Bushwick

 At W4 on the way to MA

 Self-Serve Car Wash

 Van, Bed-Stuy

 Bushwick and Myrtle

 What a Doorway

 Building on Beaver and Locust
Feat. Leaf 8k, Team Rokit


 Doorway, Long Island City, Queens

 Whitewash at Jeffery Leder Gallery
Featuring graffiti artists at 5Pointz, LIC

 Greenpoint, Brooklyn

 Greenpoint, Brooklyn

 Greenpoint, Brooklyn

 Greenpoint, Brooklyn

 Long Island City, Queens

 Stickers near bike rack, Bed-Stuy

 Rat! Bed-Stuy

 Bed-Stuy, Summer

 Crumpled Building, Bed-Stuy

 J Train, 5pm

 Bleecker and Bowery
Posters by Matt Siren, Russell King

 Great Wall Buildings, Bed-Stuy

 Stickers, South Williamsburg

 Port-O-Potties, South Williamsburg
Domino Sugar Factory

 Shady Queue, South Williamsburg

Kara Walker Sugar Spinx & Babies
Domino Sugar Factory

 Kara Walker Sugar Spinx & Babies
Domino Sugar Factory

 South Williamsburg, Brooklyn

 "Rockit" by Team Rockit, Brooklyn Navy Yards

 Domino Sugar Factory

 "Believe The Magic" by Olek
Kent and S 5th, South Williamsburg

 Greenpoint, Brooklyn, about 6am

 WOMP, Bushwick

 Truck Art, Upper East Side

 Matt Siren and Russell King
Kent and South 5th

 Boats!! Long Island City, Queens




 Office Space

 Rooftop, Central Park

 Matt Siren, Russell King
Bleecker and Bowery

 COST Adam Cost




 Truck Art, Bushwick, Laundromat



 TOUCH, Bed-Stuy

 Under the JMZ, Bed-Stuy

 Under the JMZ, Bed-Stuy

 Bean Sprouts @ 5am

 My Guru is Everywhere

 Funny Contractor Graff

 Summer view of Central Park

 Possible Crack Den? Bushwick

 Fan, Pratt Institute

 Wall Markings, Bed-stuy

 Al Ritmo, Bushwick



 Cost, Space Invader, ENX
South Williamsburg, Bushwick

 Balcony Garden

 Flying Solo, Construction Site


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