Met Costume Institute Gala 2014

 Last night was the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala featuring the work of Charles James and honoring the opening of the Anna Wintour Costume Institute Galleries (below Egyptian Wing). Every year the Met transforms it galleries for the occasion. This year, I had the privilege of watching numerous companies work their magic, and enjoyed a lovely conversation with noted bartender Colin Peter Field of the Ritz Paris' Bar Hemingway, now closed.

 The Temple of Dendur

 Special flower arrangements

 Prepping the American Wing

Do not enter!

 Raul Avila Inc constructs a dress and figure out of flowers

 Boxes and boxes of flowers

 Temple of Dendur

 American Wing, transformed

 Torso and dress frame composed of flowers

 The Petrie Court

 The Petrie Court

American Wing

 The Petrie Court

American Wing

Deconstruction (after the event)

Older Pictures (not the Costume Gala)

 Ken Price retrospective

 The Boxer: Original Hellenistic bronze from Rome.


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