April 2013: New York Photos

Here are some photos of New York, both Brooklyn and Manhattan. They are arranged chronologically, beginning in July 2012 and ending April 2013. Some of the photos are edited on Instagram, which has special filters that artificially "age" a photo, giving the image a special quality. 

 SoHo graffiti

 Inside St. John's Cathedral

Inside St. John's

Outside St. John's cathedral



 Broadway-Myrtle stop, Brooklyn

 Bed-Stuy/Clinton Hill

Ft. Greene

 DeKalb Market, Brooklyn

 Boarded up church

 View of barbed wire



 Downtown Brooklyn

 Clinton Hill/Bed-stuy

Matt enjoys a Bloody Mary

Mint and chamomile tea before work



 Destiny with her plant


 Planting tulips

 Planting tulips

 Sleepy Matt

 Dark city after Hurricane Sandy

 Apparently Obama looks up to this bearded guy

Freak snow storm!!


Fall in New York

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!!


Antique Doll

Hello Kitty

 Charlie Brown



 Beautiful window display

 View from the Empire State Building

 Brooklyn Bridge



 Matt on Bus

 Making nachos at home

 Another freak snowstorm!!

 Outside our apartment

 En route to work

 West Village door

Tompkins and DeKalb

 Macy's flower displays

 Above Broadway

 My little garden. A tulip is sprouting!!

 The Empire State Building


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