Italy 2007 Photos: Orvieto, Padua, Assisi, Spoleto, Montefalco

More photos from the 2007 Orvieto Drawing Marathon with Graham Nickson. Pictured below are images from the second half of the marathon, including trips to Assisi, Padua, Spoleto and Montefalco.

For previous photos, please visit: Italy 2007 Photos: Orvieto, Arezzo, Bologna, Florence
To see artwork from the marathon, visit: Orvieto Summer Drawing Marathon 2007
Watercolors from Todi: Italy Watercolor Series 2007

 Flowers and flower lady at the Orvieto market

  Due donne vecchie: I wonder what they are talking about?

 La macelleria


 More pecorino.  Is this guy a German tourist?

Going for a walk below the walled city of Orvieto

 Windy roads

 Views of Orvieto from below

 Hay fields and olive groves

 Brick houses down below

 A medieval castle! On our first night in Orvieto, Darcy and I are pretty sure that we heard an Italian band playing Red Hot Chilli Peppers coming from that castle.

 Italian petrol station

 Italian car

 Padua, home of Giotto's Scroveni Chapel

 Un buon' espresso!


 Padua's sweet treats...

 ...and colorful streets!

 Padua's Duomo

 Piazza del Santo in Padua

 Equestrian statue by Donatello at the Piazza del Santo

 Hanging out at the Piazza del Santo

 Sara, Kat and I at the Piazza in Padua

  Inside Padua's Duomo

Meanwhile, back in Orvieto...
 I pose next to my large drawing. Feels good to be done!

 Our studio: a converted gym!

 A special trip to Balthus' castle

Balthus' studio


 Balthus' cat says MEOW (good bye)


 Darcy, Kat and Poppy in Assisi

 Darcy, Kat and I 

 Saintly memorabilia from Assisi

 St. Francis' Cathedral, Assisi



 Spoleto streets

Hot ladies and blushing buildings in Spoleto

Eroli chapel in Spoleto: home of Pinturicchio (Raphael's teacher) frescoes

A delicious lunch!

Pinturrichio frescoes at the Eroli Chapel

Outside the Eroli Chapel



Evening light in Montefalco


Back in Orvieto, enjoying a delicious lunch
and a refreshing glass of Orvieto Classico: the finest wine in town
(everybody's drinking it!)

Goodnight, Orvieto, and thank you for the lovely experience!


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