Brazil Sketchbook: July-August 2008

Redoing the older posts on this blog, I often come across images on my computer that never made it to "print." For some reason or another, they didn't make the cut. Over the past few weeks, I have been updating and adding these pictures to my website and even, in cases like this, creating an entire post for them. (See: New York Big Sketches, Italy 2007 Photos and the rest of the series) The way this blog works is that the most recent post shows on the browser when you go to, regardless of when the images were made. Chronologically, this can be messy. Fortunately, I have a separate page for chronicling works, and this posting system forces you to see some buried work that you may otherwise not have noticed. So enjoy these drawings. I forget the circumstances that prompted them, but use your imagination...

Other Brazil 2008 pages:
Salvador, Brazil: July 2008
Sao Paolo, Brazil: August 2008  

All sketches 5" x 3" pen on Moleskin notebook
July through August 2008
Praia Branca, Salvador and Sao Paolo, Brazil

Waiting to take off!

 PRAIA BRANCA: Our first Brazilian adventure involved a beach! Praia Branca, or "white beach", is accessible by a boat which leads to a forested foot path. Evandro, his sister and I made the trek during a full moon, a memory that stays fresh with me to this day. We were transported to another realm, with sandy cabins, beach food, begging dogs, fishermen and Brazilian bikinis (yes I broke down and purchased one).

A full moon lit our journey to Praia Branca ("white beach")

 Beach scenes, Praia Branca

 A rock formation that resembles a whale or turtle

Praia Branca

Dogs, everywhere!

Little fat dog

 Learning Portuguese

Studies of Evandro, my friend from school who invited me to Brazil

 Memory of the favela in Sao Paolo

SALVADOR: I spent a week with Evandro's friend Moni'. Despite language barriers, we became fast friends and I was introduced to her many wild and crazy friends. We toured neighboring islands, ate food native to the region, explored historical centers and the modern downtown. My favorite times were relaxing at the beach and going to clubs. We had so much fun!

 Salvador beach scene

 "Itaparica is a very pretty island"

 "The boats of Salvador"
"Marina of Itaparica"

 Memories of dancing in Salvador

 Memories of dancing in Salvador club. 
All the "uglies" and "skinnies" are in love with Moni'
An ugly man grabs my arm and I scream! (true story)

 Ladies preparing food in Salvador

 Memories of foods eaten in Salavdor, 
a smiling family that makes juice from Umbu', which is like passion fruit

Itaparica, a cow, a lady, a man, a coconut, dogs, beach

 Salvador sunset

 View of Salvador

 SAO PAOLO: Before returning to the US, I took a trip with Evandro to meet his father. On the way to his house, we stopped by a store that sold coffee: the richest and darkest I have ever tasted. For the rest of my life, I will be searching that deep potency in my cup. Evandro's father literally lives in the jungle, with trees and palms crowding every view. His two dachshunds were at peace in the leafy environs, blending into the jungle as if it were their native land. Beware the wild dachshunds!

  Kekaha State Park, where Evandro's father lives with two dauchsunds

Jungle dogs


Side of the house, fencing

 Foliage studies

 Dog dreams

 Lamp post in the shadows

 Ferns to lose yourself in

 Dogs on the roof

 The end! Thank you, far away friends.


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