A Painting A Day: Day 35, August 7th 2012

 Basil and Ivy
5.5" x 5.5" watercolor on paper

Paying attention to my basil plant: am I over or under watering it? This morning I notice dry crispy leaves, which indicates under watering. When I pour water into the dirt, some spills on the tray below. The plant sucks it up from underneath. Definitely under watering. The ivy is a cutting which bent during the move to Brooklyn. So I make a cutting of the cutting. A quick peek at the submerged stem shows signs of root growth. I am hopeful for my basil...a bigger pot is in order, and more friends to play with.

 View of Dekalb Avenue, looking towards Broadway
10" x 6" watercolor on paper

I love the view from my apartment deck. What a treat, to have a deck overlooking a busy street. I love the tree outside my window, the children shouting and playing below, the colorful stream of commuters waiting for the bus. I also love the train passing through the top of my vision, just below the steeples of nearby churches. What's amazing is the amount of green in this neighborhood. You wouldn't necessarily think so at first glance but I guarantee you it's there, popping out of sidewalk cracks and peering out from distant buildings. The tree is large and cooling on these hot summer days.


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