A Painting A Day: Day 8, July 11th 2012

 "Darshan Line"
5.5" x 5.5"
Last night while sketching, I found myself painting the range of people I saw waiting for darshan with Amma (see yesterday's post for descriptions). There were elderly people, disabled people, families, couples, friends, people bearing gifts for Amma, people who came alone, and some really crazy-looking saint-like yogi people (those ones are floating or sitting on top of each other in the watercolor). Before darshan with Amma began, this Indian guy led the room through a brief meditation.  His voice was deep and soothing.  He seemed to lose himself in the pauses, slowly pulling the words out, reluctant to leave whatever he was experiencing sitting next to Amma.  I wondered if this was the type of guy the Beatles hung out with in the 1960's.  When you see people clothed in all white or all orange, silent and holy, you are transported to another world.  For a moment, I felt as if I were in India.

"Saints Bartholomew and Simon"
5.5" x 5.5" watercolor on paper

This watercolor is a sketch of the cover of a Gregorian Chant CD that I purchased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The Chant CD reminds me of one of my favorite teachers, Susan Walp.  While listening to the chants, I found myself drawn to painting the medieval images.  Imagining myself as a monk in a cell, I painted in silence.  As I am currently staying in an apartment by myself, this visualization was not far from the truth.  


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