A Painting A Day: Day 7, July 10 2012

"For Elka"
5.5" x 5.5" watercolor on paper

This morning, my friend Elka and I ventured down to the Javits Center for a darshan with Amma.  Darshan, or Sanskrit for "sight," is the act of receiving a blessing through the sight of a holy being or a guru.  Amma (Mother) is known as the "Hugging Saint" because she has given hugs to over 31 million people.  Amma also heads a charitable organization called "Embracing the World," which provides housing, job opportunities, disaster relief and green initiatives (and more) to people in need throughout the world.  This watercolor is foremost for Elka, in gratitude for bringing me to Amma this morning.  I wish her love, health, peace and happiness.  It is also painted in inspiration and deep gratitude towards Amma and the amazing work she does all over the world.  It is humbling to think that one person can make such a difference.  It makes you wonder what you could do with a heart of pure love, absent of fear. 

To learn more about Amma, visit her website: www.amma.org
Amma's charity Embracing the World: www.amma.org/global-charities

Also, one of my recent paintings of Sri Satya Sai Baba (another saint from India) was recently installed at the B-Well Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.  What an honor!  To learn more about the center, please go to their website at: b-wellcenterofscottsdale.com

~A peaceful healing space at the B-Well Center


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