A Painting A Day: Day 11, July 14 2012

"Spirals or Mini-Mandalas"
5.5" x 5.5"

Spirals are wonderful to draw. I find myself drawing or painting them constantly, without thinking.  Could it be a state of self-imposed hypnosis? A new and wonderful friend Andi, a Master Trainer and Coach at Hoop Habit in LA, suggested that my drawing spirals would lead to a more intensive study of mandalas.  There are several mandala masters out there and she knew of one in the SoCal area.  It will be a while until I get out to SoCal (I have to confess, I'm a NorCal snob!) but the idea of studying and teaching mandalas for personal growth is appealing.  Perhaps private workshops or the chance to study with a mandala guru?  Too cool.


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