A Painting A Day: Day 10, July 13 2012

"Bubbles of Self-Interest"
5.5" x 5.5"

This image came to me after spending time with some people and seeing how many of us are caught in bubbles of self-interest.  Rather than being in the moment and enjoying the company that we are in, or our beautiful surroundings, we instead focus on what we have to do tomorrow, or worrying about some project at hand that has nothing to do with the present.  These are our bubbles.  Worrying is passed down through my family at least as a common thing.  We worry to show that we care.  But what if we can show that we care without constantly worrying, running over the same fears again and again, as if to think about them will prevent them from happening.  Only in states of heightened peace, which I have experienced through the extreme focus of meditation, exercise, making artwork or with the help of another, I can break out of the bubble of self interest and truly be present, truly be alive.


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