A Painting A Day: Day 27, July 30 2012

 Consulting the I Am Presence
5.5" x 5.5" watercolor on paper

Again, I consult the Radiant Rose Academy while painting. I like the channels, the messages, the music, the colorful images that they display on their youTube classes. This one is the "Freedom Class." My own version of consulting with the I Am Presence emerges. The little person in the violet tube is you (or me) and the golden person above is the I Am, or Higher Self, or God Self or Christed Self. The two used to inhabit the same form, but there was a separation and now we have to call it back to us every day. This takes practice and discipline. Some days I remember, some days I forget. 

Radiant Rose Heart
5.5" x 5.5" watercolor on paper

The "Freedom Class" took place in May 29 2012 and says at the end that the people listening or attending this workshop have to use the Violet Flame for seven days and then all their past life karma will be transmuted. This angers me. Where was I on May 29th, and why do I have to go to a workshop in Salt Lake City to remove my past karma? Why are spiritual boons limited to selective groups? What if you don't even have a computer and have no means of transportation? I guess we each have a message or frequency that we resonate with, and it doesn't place one group over another. To paraphrase my teacher Derek O'Neill: It's all ice cream. You may like rum-raisin and I may like chocolate, and there may be a million different flavors, but it's still ice cream in the end.  

 Kathy Hamer, a good friend, lends me a CD called "Tibetan Chakra Meditations" by Ben Scott and Christa Michell. Late in the night, I put it on. I like to paint at night lately because it puts me out of my mind, in the way that only extreme fatigue can do. There are fourteen tracks, two for each chakra, or energy wheel in your body. Without thinking, I engage in a little exercise, similar to ones done in art school. Each watercolor will last only as long as the track: one per chakra. This is one round, beginning at the Root, ending with the Crown. At the end of this series, I am too exhausted to continue. But an interesting thing happened: the images are unworldly! I am painting things I had never thought of before, as if they come from another person's mind, or the ancient mind of all people. Is this what it is to "get out of one's head and into one's heart"? My mind turns to a recently viewed book on Joseph Campbell, to cave paintings, to Native American folklore, to the segment in Disney's "Fantasia" where the artists demonstrate how to draw to music. At the time, this part bored me to bits. I wanted Mickey and the Greek centaurs. But now I am fascinated. How do you transfer one artistic medium to another: sight to sound, sound to sight, dance to sound, dance to sight and so on. Enjoy these because I surely did. Thank you, Kathy for sharing this music. More interesting things to come, I'm sure.

(top to bottom): Root, Hara and Solar Plexus chakras
10" x 6" watercolor on paper

 (top to bottom) Heart and Throat chakras
10" x 6" watercolor on paper 

(top to bottom) Third Eye and Crown chakras
10" x 6" watercolor on paper 


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