A Painting A Day: Day 21, July 24 2012

"My Bathroom"
5.5" x 5.5"

Actually, this is my friend Lois' bathroom with a few interesting additions. Earlier this morning, I spent time with my friend Asa. She just completed her MFA at the New York Studio School. On her walls were grand, beautiful paintings of figures in spaces. Her palette varied from brilliant, fun and childlike to delicate, feminine and dreamy. These later colors inspire this painting. Isn't it funny how we associate bathrooms with the feminine? Pierre Bonnard comes to mind, with his unrelenting study of Marthe, the compulsive bather. One semester at the New York Studio School, we painted a model emerging from the tub. Poor thing! She had to pose half-crouched, perched on a porcelain tub for 20 minute sessions, over a three hour period! I hope she took the cue to say no to such strenuous positions. I hated painting it.I imagine myself with a soft bathroom, with gauzy curtains suited for reading in hot water, with candles and incense burning and a CD of monks chanting in the background.


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