A Painting A Day: Day 20, July 23 2012

5.5" x 5.5" watercolor on paper

While visiting my PO Box in Brooklyn, I happen upon an abandoned lot filled with flowers and plants. An elderly gentleman with a while beard hovers over a table of light green shoots, each labeled in it's black plastic pouch. Approaching the table, I notice that he was munching on a pastry, in my grandfather's manner. His name is Sandor (pronounced Shandor) and he runs the garden center in Clinton Hill near Pratt Institute. They used to be in Red Hook, he says, but the landlords demanded too much money. Here there is more diversity and the rent not so high. The garden center educates young children in different herbs, fruits and flowering plants and how to grow and harvest your own little crops. He sends children home with bags of scented herbs.  Sandor speaks fondly of his daughter, who is talented in many things, including violin and languages. As we finished our exchange for a rosemary plant and a pot with fresh soil, a horde of youngsters enter, a rush of neon t-shirts. "What's your name?" they ask, giggling. I hope to see Sandor often these next few years. What a place.


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