A Painting A Day: Day 18, July 21 2012

 "Leo Bloom"
5.5" x 5.5" watercolor on paper
While looking at my day planner, I noticed that tomorrow is the first day of Leo! As my name means "Lion of God" in Hebrew, I have always had an affinity towards lions. Interestingly, my sun sign, Aquarius, is exactly opposite Leo on the astrological calender. Perhaps the fierce & bold qualities of Leo are behaviors I must lean towards in life.

"Waiting for Friends Outside of Hampton Chutney"
5.5" x 5.5" watercolor on paper

While sipping cardamom coffee and waiting for friends to join for lunch, I drew the next-door restaurant and the goings on in the busy Upper West Side neighborhood. For years I have looked to sidewalk cafe's as inspiration for drawing. It is especially interesting if a couple is sitting with wine or coffee. A heated argument or bizarre conversation is ideal, and occasionally their words will leak into the drawing. When I first moved to New York in 2006, I was captivated by the sidewalks, the graffiti and the odd-looking people. Now these things seem normal (a homeless guy wearing a feather suit of newspapers, holding a paper bag with a beer, whistling at an Indian man crossing the street? what else is new?), but I would like to get back into sketching the everyday, and transferring them to colorful worlds when I get home.


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