A Painting A Day: Day 14, July 17 2012

"Guru on the Mountaintop"
5.5" x 5.5" watercolor on paper
This painting is inspired by a recent trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My friends wanted to go to the Islamic Art section...it was open?? So we went and were blown away. So much stuff! So much we don't know about art from this part of the world! I couldn't help but lament the destruction of irreplaceable art during the current war in the Middle East. I remember reading about the destruction of large Buddhas of Bamiyan, who were carved in the sandstone cliffs of Afghanistan.  Anyways, the Persian miniatures captured all of our eyes. We were blown away by the use of color, and their amazing elephant drawings! Okay, that was only me. Enjoy and check out the Islamic Art section of the Met!


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