Winter Watercolors February 2012

I took a break from making art for a few months to help with Matt's grad school applications. It felt weird not to make something, to have no creative outlet, so I focused on my cooking.  Oxford has a great new organic market with local foods.  At times I felt guilty for not making art, but deeper down I understood that my art was germinating, waiting to blossom with a new freshness.  After the applications were finished and another birthday passed, I got the itch to make art again. It began with postcards (hopefully a website for a postcard sharing project will be up soon!) and then turned into the piece below.  As always, enjoy.

watercolor and gouache on paper  8" x 22" 
february 2012
(click to enlarge)

the following are postcards, each 5" x 7" 
(which is sadly too large for postcards according to the US Postal Service)
watercolor, colored pencil and gouache on paper
february 2012


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