"The Energies of Creation" Meditation Series Videos

'Energies of Creation' Video Series 2011-2012

This series is a collaboration between spiritual teacher and healer Anthony Citro of Ascension Light Source, Al Leone of The Bridge of Truth, and myself. There are 15 videos in total, each displaying a watercolor made in the colors of that particular Divine Ray or Ascension Energy. Al Leone edited, directed and produced the series. Here is a description from the Introductory Video:

"This video meditation series will focus on connecting to Source Energy in daily application. Here, through each successive video segment, spiritual teacher and healer Anthony Citro will facilitate a guided visualization to enable you to open to a deep encoding of the various Ascension Energies. All 12 Divine Rays of Creation will be explored, as well as the Violet Flame, The Mahatma Energy and the I AM Presence. In this first segment, he offers an introductory and simple explanation of the process as well as instructs the viewer in the easiest and most effective way to call upon the Energies at this time of Ascension."



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