Positano and Paestum Watercolors 2011

The following are a series of watercolors I made during my weekend getaway to Positano and Paestum. After a week of plein-air watercolor painting in a somewhat structured setting in Rome, I truly enjoyed the freedom of painting these little ones on the beach. 

*A magical moment occurred when a little girl with a Little Mermaid towel came to visit me. She stared at the painting and kept asking: "Mama, che fa?" (Mother, what is happening?) while her Mother sang to her about Ariel the mermaid. 

*That evening while painting the beach under the moonlight, I looked up and saw fireworks over the hills! I quickly took out my paints and jotted down the shape and color of the fireworks and filled in the church as soon as they had finished. It was a great moment to paint!

*The following morning, as I watched the water taxis load and unload passengers, a boat with "Ristorante La Sirena" (The Mermaid Restaurant) bobble up to the dock and collect passengers. I am curious: maybe next time I'm in Positano I'll check it out!

*Another special moment was watching a wedding photographer snap shots of a bride and bridegroom in the scorching heat under the temple of Athena at Paestum (you can see them in the watercolor).

 Each piece is 3 inches by 5 inches, on Fabriano cold press 140 lb. cotton paper. I collaged together a few pieces with similar themes using photoshop. Hope you enjoy.  

Paestum: Temples of Athena and Hera


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