Italy Photos 2011 (3): Positano

Saturday July 9, 2011: 
The long voyage from Rome to Naples to Sorrento to Positano to the beach!
Breakfast at Roma Termini: Atkins never had a chance here!

 Il Circumvesuviana: the train from Naples to Sorrento, 
that passes by Pompeii and Herculaneum

 Quick self-portrait while drinking a macchiato

 Train Graffiti: "I Love You"

 Limoncello factories and stores in Sorrento

Giant Sorrento lemons!

 View of Bay of Naples: Sorrento

 Church courtyard in Sorrento

 Views from the bus ride from Sorrento to Positano

 Mosaics across from the Positano hostel

Bird's eye view of Positano

Store-fronts and roofs in Positano

Fresh veggies in the morning

The parking garage

Little homes, little caves

Stores and store-fronts in Positano

Views from the beach

On the walk to the beach...

More beach scenes: it's evening already

Evening Photos...
Half moon over the bay

Other night scenes: buying meat, cheese and bread from the butcher, 
passing by swanky hotels and restaurants

Sunday, July 10: Goodbye Positano
A winding walk down to the beach

Which way to go??

The crisp morning light on the beach

Fishermen and water-taxis are fun to paint!

Ristorante: La Sirena (the mermaid)

Scenes from the beach in the morning...
before I left on a boat to Salerno.
It was tempting to stay on the beach...
or check out Capri!


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