Italy Photos 2011 (2): Napoli

Saturday July 2, 2011: A Day in Napoli
I arrived in Rome Friday morning ready to paint. No sooner than I had settled was I informed that weekends were free to travel. So much for painting in Rome! I booked myself a trip to Naples, one of my favorite cities in Italy. It is always enjoyable to walk around the narrow streets, which occasionally open to grand vistas of the Bay of Naples. The street vendors, the graffiti, the piles of discarded cardboard and old vegetables, the wonderful food and the people's helpfulness to a lost traveler (scusi...non posso trovare questa strada)...makes Naples a great visit. If I had more time, I would have made it to the Museo Nazionale di San Martino (which has great works), Napoli Sotterranea (Naples underground), and perhaps a few wild boat trips from the pier. 

 Piazza Nicola Amore on Corso Umberto I

En route to the hostel

 Six Rooms, the Australian hostel where I spent the night
 Beautiful colors here

 Piazza Dante: one night a girl walked past wearing a shirt that read:
"Who says money can't buy you happiness?" For a second I was struck dumb,
then I recalled who told that to me, and smiled.

Book salesmen

 Naples architecture...

 A metal skull on a cement pedestal...a fenced off building

 Sunlight hits the building

 A church emerges from the dumpsters

Used condom outside of my hostel!!

 Just another courtyard in this city

 Naples graffiti


The best pizza in the world? Da Michele, which had a line at 4pm.
Julia Roberts posters all over the walls. She ate here while filming "Mangia, Prega, Ama"!
The pizza ingredient list is as sparse as the menu: 
don't think too much, just order.

More street scenes...

Via San Gregorio Armeno: Buy the best nativity scenes all year round!

Scary damnation scene on side of building

Selling purses and large-scale nativity scenes at the church steps

Views from the pier

Evening walk...

Near Via Toledo: community markets and dumping grounds

Selling mussels on the street

Il Funiculare to the top of the mountain

Eat pizza on the run

En route to the archeological museum

Eccoci qua

Scenes from the museum: sculptures of ancient myths, 
prosperity symbols, renovation diagrams

Beautiful torso and lion sculpture

Grocery store...this lovely man made me a sandwich for the journey home

Fish vendor

Lone watermelon vendor...


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