Italy Photos 2011 (1): Roma

Trip to Rome 2011: This summer, I was privileged to spend two weeks in Rome, painting with Carole Robb's Rome Art Program. The following photographs are buildings and scenes that caught my eye on the journey. The pages are separated by city. There are A LOT of photos! I hope that you are inspired by the architecture, the colors and the amazing organization of space that Rome presented to me. If you have any thoughts, comments or corrections, please share! Watercolors and drawings to come soon.

Scenes from the journey: The sky, North Carolina and train to Roma Termini

 Arriving in a neighborhood called Trastevere, where our apartments were. 
This fountain sits at the foot of the Gianicolo gardens

 At Piazza Santa Maria di Trastevere...Space Invader hits Rome!

 My first Roman meal: pizza by the slice and apricot juice!

 Atrium of my apartment complex. The palm tree reminds me of San Francisco
My little yellow room in Trastevere!

 View from my window: Roof-tops and street scenes

The outdoor market in Trastevere...

Red Roman Buildings...and more! This trip for me was all about architecture.

 Beautiful atrium in a friend's building

Curious building or art studio in Trastevere

Three Siamese kitties in Trastevere

 Crossing the Tiber
 The Tiber River (Il Tevere)
The neighborhood Trastevere is across the river (Tras-Tevere) 
from the Rome's city center


 Bernini's fountains at Piazza Navona

More Roman sculptures and buildings...

Beautiful ruins and buildings near the Roman Forum

Near the monument to Vittorio Emmanule II

Monument to Vittorio Emmanule II


An amazing church and piazza I stumbled upon en route to Roma Termini.

The Colloseum: I didn't go in this time, the line was wrapped around the building 
because the Vatican was performing some ceremony there. An old lady stepped
on my toenail and broke it while we were scrambling back to the Forum!
It's always amazing to imagine this building and the Pantheon covered with marble!

Bernini's Elephant holding an obelisk with a cross on top

Bird Lady and buildings near the Pantheon

The Pantheon

  La Fontana di Trevi

Tourist shot! The Spanish Steps: I bought myself a rose :)

Beautiful columns. Not sure which building this is.

Courtyard in Capitoline Museum: 
I love the marble engravings inserted into the plaster

Bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius

Remember studying these in art history? They are empresses
Double bust of a student and his teacher

Tombstones and statues at the Capitoline Museum


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