Platonic Solids: August 2010

In 2009 at the New York Studio School, I developed an interest in platonic solids that has continued to this day. After trying my hand at color-field painting and realizing it was not for me, I had several colored un-stretched canvases at my disposal. As in the past, I put these left-overs to good use: I cut them into equilateral triangles and stitched three platonic solids: a tetrahedron (4 sides), an octahedron (8 sides) and an icosahedron (20 sides).

photos taken 9/13/2010 at Boston Museum of Science
from the exhibit: Inside the Mind of M.C. Escher

One year later, I am still making three-dimensional forms from old paintings. I play around with the old platonic solids and construct some new ones out of old paintings and thread. The above photos were taken at the Boston Museum of Science. James Perry Wilson (1889-1976) made these constructions of the platonic solids and their stellations. Enjoy.

"Meet the New Boss"

Playing around in the Studio:

In August 2010, using paper, watercolor and gouache, I constructed dodecahera (12 sides of hexagons). Some were constructed from previous watercolors and another was made with 12 symbolic colors. Below, you can see how I painted and cut out the shapes.

Each Dodecahedron is 11"h x 13.25"w x 13.25"d
watercolor, gouache, paper, thread, tape
August 2010

all the friends in front of a collaborative painting made by
Erin Lee Benson,
Eric Berlin and Ariel Churnin
November 2009, Vermont Studio Center
Acrylic on Canvas, 52" x 102"

the tetrahedra hang out: each apx 10" x 10" x 12"

this tetrahedra features 4 of the 5 pandavas from the bhagavad gita

At the beginning of September 2010, I had to pack up my things and leave the Vermont Studio Center. Here are some de-installation shots of the platonic solids. The stuffing donated to a lovely resident, as it can be easily replaced.



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