Final Days@VSC: August 2010

My last 2 weeks at the Vermont Studio Center was time to *shine*--meaning-- time to make good use of my studio while I still had it! Louise Von Weise was generous enough to give me a wall to hang my final constructions, which are reconfigurations of previous watercolors, sewn or pasted together to form three-dimensional collages. They are pictured below, as hung in the dining room couch area. We had some fun here.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Derek and Linda Star Collage

(detail shots)

Dream Portal (3D watercolor collage stitched together)

Sai Baba Mask

Installation Shots and details of Dream Portal

yay! thanks VSC

The following are my last (sniff) art pieces done at VSC. I am playing around with found materials in my studio, namely, old watercolors, paper, thread and acrylic paint. Rather than sew the scraps into pre-configured shapes (i.e. the platonic solids), I am freely letting the materials guide the building process.

Inside and Outside (2 views)
watercolor on paper, acrylic and thread
9.5"(w) x 4"(h) x 9.5"(d)

Psychedelic Eye
mixed media on canvas

8" x 8"

watercolor, pastel, paper, glue

9" x 9.5"

Monkey Maskmixed media (and glitter!) on paper
9.5" x 9.5"

Bear and Dark One at River
Watercolor and Thread on Paper
7.5" x 8" x 8"

Lion Collage
watercolor, glue, pencil on cardboard
apx 10" x 10" x 4"

the forms hang out together

My friend and fellow artist E. Piatt Wilson generously gave me some chip board to play with. I cut them into card shapes fashioned after my grandmother's tarot deck and little darshan cards I keep with me. This is a future project, but the photos look nice.

And finally, some inspirational watercolors!
Sai Baba and the Orange Mushroom
watercolor on paper
6" x 6"

Jung's 4 Stages (in the Red Book)
watercolor on paper
8" x 8"

Diptych: Solar Eclipse//"It is not possible for an event to happen to you,
that you yourself have not signed up for."--Derek O'Neill

watercolor on paper
apx. 3" x 15"


Nandi Comer said…
This is so awesome!
Unknown said…
Hi Ariel, I LOVE your work, and thank you for continuing to share new work with the world this way :) Your tarot cards would be AMAZING, and whenever you get around to them, and get them printed up, I would love a pack! You go girl!!!! Much Love to you, Lynsey xxx

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