Vermont-Ireland Sketchbook

Sketchbook: Vermont May 2010--Ireland June 2010--Vermont

This sketchbook begins in Vermont during the May 2010 residency. Enjoy the journey from Vermont to Ireland for a meditation workshop in Dublin and back to Vermont again. This isn't the first time I've posted my journal on this blog, but it is the first time I've posted snippets of my own writing along with the drawings. There are many pages of writing alone that I have not shared, as I am still timid to do so. My journals consist of dreams, observations and thoughts related to my spiritual journey.

Although I still cringe at exposing myself to even this extent, I hope that this little bit will be in service to the many people who feel alone because they have no way of recording or sharing themselves. Maybe one day I will share even more of my own path with you.

starting off: in vermont with the may group

a much-needed trip to montreal with friends patricia and dameon. we saw some art, wandered around and saw the church of saint michael archangel and got pulled into a greek orthodox church by little ladies in black. beautiful byzantine paintings inside. thanks, patti, for bringing me.

contemplating the nature of drawing for the Self

character sketches at the hub by vicente lozano, gurdeep singh and myself

inner character studies

gurdeep drew my portrait and i colored it in

linda o'neill

sri yantra

last few sketches in vermont. with help from vicente ireland!!!
after the first night of the workshop,
we heard this man singing a david gray song...
something i hadn't heard since high school.

meditations on the workshop...

images from dreams and the irish country-side

self-portrait with derek and linda after the agnihota ceremony at creacon lodge.
the ceremony was about letting go of what is not needed in our lives.

derek at the workshop

sketches from our trip to the powerscourt gardens
and glenn da loch, an old monastery with a graveyard between two lakes.

last day of the workshop...

back in vermont!! new group of residents
processing and spending time in nature

visiting sculptor grace knowlton



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