Colored Pencils Ireland!

Colored Pencils Ireland!!!

The following are colored pencil drawings I made at a meditation retreat in Ireland, June 2010. They are made on paper samples given to me by a friend Meredith Nemirov. Drawing these little sketches helped me to process what I had absorbed during the workshop. I made in my hotel room while my awesome roommate Terri Merliss played guitar. You can find some of her lyrics in the cards. It was a fun experience to get out of my own way while making these.

Each card is approximately 4" x 5"

The following are colored pencil sketches made after the Ireland Workshop. They are inspired by conversations with artist Karen Goldsmith, who does amazing spirit guide portraits.
These are about 8" x 8", varying slightly.

And finally...a few watercolor, gouache and colored pencil sketches made in June 2010.
These vary in size from 8" x 8" to 8" x 11"

Thank you for reading this.


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