Tatiana & Ariel's Show at VSC

June 2010: This month, Tatiana Klacsmann and I have a two-person show at Vermont Studio Center's Gallery 2 space, under the Wolf Kahn building. Tatiana has recently completed her MFA in painting at Johnson State College, and just two days prior to the hanging, I got off the boat (or plane) from Ireland. So we had an interesting romp in hanging the show, which is our last hurrah at the Vermont Studio Center. We were privileged to have Ian Hoge's music to accompany us during the hanging, which went rather quickly.

The following are shots from the show. Enjoy the variety: our work is very different at first inspection but perhaps there are some underlining similarities....?

yay! welcome!

view from entrance: tatiana's paintings, my stars

vsc resident clarissa looks at ariel's hanging apparatus
(thanks for the photos, mike!)

view of teacher installation:
pieces from previous works reassembled to fit space
inspired by recent trip to ireland

a closer look: teacher collage in middle
and some books and sculptures for people to leaf through

teacher collage


detail: sai baba and moon

detail: teacher, hand and eye

detail: this is what you see if you look through the installation:
an image of my grandmother katherine kilgore and my mom on her wedding day
so, at first glance this piece appears to be about the male teacher but if you look closely, you see that it is really about the female, who is quieter, sits in the back and holds the energy
this journey is about appreciating the quiet love of mother in addition to the forward love of father

below the installation: little books

below the installation: little books

as inspired by sculptor colin chase:
the dream book is stitched into
a single entity and laid upon the floor

dream book detail shots

an experiment in installation: 2 sided dream collages suspended by thread
in front of a collaboration of pieces made at different points during this past year.

not sure where this is going.........

....but enough about meeeeeeeeee

and now we move on to....
Tatiana's work!

The following are recent paintings and drawings by Tatiana Klacsmann. More information about Tatiana and her work can be found on her blog at http://www.klacsmann.blogspot.com.

'the noise'

recent painting by Tatiana

recent painting by Tatiana

'the conversation'

diptych painting by Tatiana

'the silence'

'the pause'

drawing from the model by Tatiana

That's it. Goodbye VSC!


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