Ariel's Dream Book

The following are a series of watercolors based on dreams and distant memories. The subject came into being after a studio visit at the Vermont Studio Center with my teacher Carole Robb (see her work at Carole was my teacher at the New York Studio School for a brief year before I switched ateliers. In Carole's class I had begun to explore the painful subject matter of memory but I dropped this subject when I switched instructors.

One night, after several glasses (or bottles) of wine, Carole told me that I had abandoned this subject prematurely: I had "unfinished business." So, right away, I began to paint from my memory. Lately I have been having very vivid dreams of abandonment and strange beings in my presence. Make of it what you will...

*all images are 7" x 10" watercolor and gouache on Lanaquarelle paper
*the final image of Shiva and the bull 17" x 20" on rice paper
*installation shots follow

April 2010

abandoned in train station


incest and protection
misqualified energies and their redeemers
"the new bridge becomes the old bridge..."

dream of preparing mother for death
late night visitors: circle of four
meditation room visitor
inner teacher
a busy night
while the king was drinking...
pugsly becoming brahma (united with source)
trying to keep up with daddy

shiva's message

new york samsara

meditation with giz
and lemon honey tea
shiva and sati
a shiva/shakti God
shiva and little bull
based on an indian madhubani image of shiva's dance
17" x 20" watercolor on rice paper
april 2010

installation shots


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