Show at Red Mill Gallery: Jan 2010

This January, I had a show at the Red Mill Gallery, which is the main gallery of the Vermont Studio Center. Yay! It went up the last night of the January residency, which prompted a celebration of the January residency with music, good food and readings by VSC writers and artists. This was my first installation piece. It was fun to hang the pieces in various locations along the walls and ceilings to activate the space of the Red Mill Gallery. 

The Red Mill Gallery, as seen from the driveway

The Red Mill Gallery has 2 rooms. The first room is a small room without windows. I filled it with watercolors from my residency in August, about my mom's cows and Celtic symbols.

The second room of the Red Mill Gallery is quite large, with 2 big windows overlooking the street. I used this room to install the hanging paper pieces, some collage work and a few pieces from my MFA show at the New York Studio School. Here are some images of how the space was used...


The following are close-ups of some of the hanging pieces, and the way they shape the viewer's experience of the space.

The Satya Sai Baba/Blue Moon/Lunar Eclipse Wall

Window Pieces: I enjoyed placing some of the hanging pieces in the windows, providing quirky views of the snowy Vermont street and making the show more visible from the outside.

Stars: The stars were originally collages based upon the Star of David, a widely used symbol. I hung the stars on a string so that I could see the color and collage on both sides of the pieces. In the gallery I hung the string between opposing walls, hoping that people would walk through. Many were timid...not used to touching art! So eventually I moved them to the window. 

Opening Night! January 28th was the opening night and the last night of the January residency. Andrew Morris played guitar, chef Mark Hallet made some killer flourless chocolate cake and we drank wine and sparkling apple cider with grape. Kimberly Dark led off the VSC writers' performance and readings. 

Watch how the sculptures envelop the audience....
Andrew Morris plays guitar

Seungae Bang

Carrie and Seungae

Rob Williams and Molly

Ariana Franco

Mingling before the readings

View from outside as we left that night...

Frosty window...only that one!


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