Vermont Leaves: October 2009

Intrigued by the Vermont foliage, I made a series of impermanent pieces in the landscape and in my studio. It was fun introducing my pieces from the New York Studio School to the October leaves, burying them and bringing them back to life again. I even experimented with coloring and preserving the leaves, and in doing such inadvertently poisoned some of my studio-mates. Sorry! The final photos of this series depict a friend, Andrew Morris, interacting with the angel wings in my studio.
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...taking previous works outside to cover with leaves, glitter

...covering a piece with leaves and rediscovering it slowly

...incorporating leaves and glitter with previous works

what a find!

 October in Vermont...the leaves are changing

 my October leaf obsession...

...more leaf "paintings"

outdoor leaf "paintings"

working down by the river... 

...back in the studio with Andrew


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