Vermont River Sticks: November 2009

Mid-October to mid-November, I worked mostly outside using found objects, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and October visiting artist Nina Katchadourian (for a list of visiting artists at VSC click here). The river is the mighty Gihon, which runs through Johnson. All of the stick pieces, except for the Red One, were assembled naturally, using only materials found in the area.

The river pieces all fell naturally into the Gihon with the heavy rainfall of mid-November. 

The wall of sticks was assembled with Nathan Kurzmann, from Alaska (visit his website here). He said that native tribes in Alaska build walls out of sticks and cover them with moss. They are called spirit walls and keep evil spirits away. We decorated the spirit wall with pieces of ice formed in depressions of river rocks.

The star painting which made its rounds amongst the sticks now belongs to the lovely Shawn Gardner and her wonderful husband. The final piece was created by weaving thin sticks together and winding them in a tree.

 Playing around outside the sculpture studios...

Building a stick fort with Nathan...

 Further along the Gihon...


...incorporating an earlier work into land art

...a final stick piece before winter


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