Italy 2007: Orvieto, Todi, Tuscany, Rome, Pompeii

The second half of my Italy photos come from after the drawing marathon. I spent a week in Todi, and several days traipsing around Tuscany, Rome, Naples and Pompeii. Finally, I come home.

For previous photos, please visit: Italy 2007 Photos: Orvieto, Arezzo, Bologna, Florence
To see artwork from the marathon, visit: Orvieto Summer Drawing Marathon 2007
Watercolors from Todi: Italy Watercolor Series 2007

Going shopping for the week in Todi
 Zucchini flowers: good in pasta!

 Abundant fruit stand in Orvieto

 So beautiful, so fresh, so ripe!

 Prosciutto and other cured/dried meats

 Pecorino Romano: Il mio formaggio preferito!

 Painting in the Umbrian countryside, outside of Todi

 Todi sunrise. Will I ever live in a place as magical as this?

Day after day of breathtaking color: the sunrise!

 View of Todi: you can make out the towers on top of the hill

 Asa and I attempt to capture nature's colors on paper

 Our kitchen: filled with fresh fruit from the Orvieto market


 Fresh mint in the garden: we often picked basil, rosemary and lavender for meals

 Views of the house

My little Italian car!

 Saying goodbye to Asa

 Another evening...

 ...time for Campari con spremuta (juice)

 Insalata di caprese: mozzerella di bufola , basil, tomatoes, oranges, capers

 Quaglia (quail) con rosemarino, aglio, olio di oliva, cipolle, e uve verde (green grapes)

Dinner is served! 

 Five hours later...up at 4:30am to paint the sunrise!
My candles disturb other painters, so I learn to locate the paints on my palette from memory

 More cooking! These look like dumplings, or homemade tortellini

The finished product: tortellini fatti al mano (handmade)
con pesto e pomodori (tomatoes)

 Prosciutto e melone

 A walk in the country, an Italian dog

 Poppy photographs some flowers

 Sunflower fields

A spider's nest

 Agnello (lamb) con rosemarino, aglio e olio d'oliva

 My favorite meal so far: gnocchi al cinghiale (boar) con funghi (mushrooms) e gorgonzola

 An old Tuscan town

 An old barn in Tuscany

Tuscan hills

Tuscan view

With Katherine at Trevi Fountain, Rome

 Saying goodbye to Poppy at Roma Termini

 Arc of Titus

 Ari drinks from a Forum fountain

 Roman Forum


 La Lupa: the she-wolf, emblem of the city

 Roman horse

 Trevi Fountain

 Villa of the mysteries: Pompeii

 Streets of Pompeii

 Pompeiian room paintings

 Beautiful, Baroque city...filled with people and garbage and the best food on earth!

 Pizza da' Michele: il numero uno!

Home at last!
Buck and Mocha say hello!


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