Italy 2007 Photos: Orvieto, Arezzo, Bologna, Florence

I usually don't publish photos on my website but I can't resist showing the beautiful shots I took while in Italy this summer during the New York Studio School's Orvieto Drawing Marathon in Orvieto, Italy.

To see artwork from the marathon, visit: Orvieto Summer Drawing Marathon 2007
Watercolors from Todi: Italy Watercolor Series 2007

It's hard to paint or photograph Italy without dipping into the sentimental. I tried to resist the romantic but you be the judge. Click on the images to enlarge.

 un buon cappuccino al'aeroporto

old lady selling drinks and gelato
orvieto, italy

 Orvieto Duomo: where we drew from Signorelli

 Kat, Amanda and Ian at la Piazza del Duomo, Orvieto

 Alex (above) and the lovely ladies of our trip in the Piazza

 view of Orvieto countryside

 Piazza del Duomo

 I love Orvieto's narrow alleys and colorful buildings

 little Italian car (above) and view from our hotel (Via Angelo Da Orvieto)



"Maddalena" by Piero della Francesa

 Adrian and Ian in the bus

Umbrian countryside, early evening

 Bologna. Perhaps a demonstration?

 I love this fountain of Neptune in Bologna

 Colors and characters of Bologna

 Morandi Museum, Bologna

 One of my favorite photos of Bologna. 
Is it possible to take a bad picture there?

 Penis pasta! I know what Mom's getting for Christmas

Bologna's Santo Stefano

 More Bologna


  Enjoying vino on the bus ride home!

 View of Orvieto from below

 Scenes from the road

  Uccello in Florence

 Postcards for sale!

 Note the color change from Bologna to Florence

 Our own Greek God: Alex!

 More Florence

Trucks and cars of Florence


kenk said…
Dear Ariel,
I enjoyed visiting your website and viewing your great work. You have posted a wonderful photograph titled "Evening Light in Montefalco". I am very interested in buying a 24"x36" print of this photograph. Are you willing to sell one to me? What would the cost of a print with these approximate dimensions be? Thank you. I will look forward to your reply. Kind regards, Ken Krick
Anonymous said…
Nice job! You have a "good eye"!

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