Ceres Gallery Show: Dec 2006

Hello everyone.  I am participating in my first group show!
"The Square Show" - work on 10" x 10" sheets of archival paper

Ceres Gallery
547 W 27th St, 2nd floor
November 28 - December 28, 2006
Opening reception and silent auction
Thursday, December 7th 6-8pm

The Works:
 Each 10" x 10" mixed media piece is about a strong female role model. While hanging out with Suzanne Vogel, a childhood friend of my grandmother, I came across some of their old high school photos in Austin, Texas. Some photocopies of these pictures may appear in the works, as well as scenes from New York, museum pieces and random musings. I hope you enjoy these pieces and find them meaningful.


 "Memamma" or "Katherine Kilgore"


 "Aunt Nikka"


"Aunt Margaret"


 The People:
 Georgia and Natti
 Georgia, Natti and I
 Next to one of my drawings!
 A close up: The drawings were about the important women in my life.
 Ari and Clinton Hedges
 Jeton, a friend, Joshua Bridge and Natti
Joshua and Natti doing cool stuff
Clinton Hedges and Lara

About the Gallery:
Ceres Gallery (www.ceresgallery.org) is a co-operative women's gallery, located at 547 W 27th St, 2nd floor, in Chelsea. I joined it late this summer and hope to be part of them for a long time. There will also be a group show next summer which I plan to participate in as well. I hope that this is a start of more good things to come. -Ariel


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