New York Little Sketches: August 2006

During my first weeks in New York, I brought my sketchbooks with me wherever I went. My favorite spots to sketch were public parks, cafes, galleries and museums. My pen marks are rough and urgent, as I have only moments to sketch my subjects before they wander off. I enjoy overlaying images and incorporating observations into the sketches. In my best drawings, words and marks weave together to create an accurate (although abstract) representation of my everyday visual and psychological experience.

each piece: pen on paper, 7.5" x 5.5"
New York City, August 2006

 8th Street Body Piercing and Tattoos

Washington Sq Park Fountain

Fountain Man and MoMA Notes 


Union Square 

East Village Tour

Rainbow Boy 

Cakes on Display 

The Stapler

 I Feel Very Alive Right Now

 After Gorky

 So I Said Yes to Joshua

 Kitchen Cat

 Lawrence, Astor Place


 Morandi 1

 Morandi II

David Park

 Thursday Nights

 Sad Red I

 Sad Red II


 The Church of New Jerusalem

 Being Anxious About Being Anxious


Just Realized

 Eat Me!

 I Feel Very Alive

 Hunting with Beth and her Dad

Bryant Park Lady with OCD


Anonymous said…
i love these ariel...
Anonymous said…
me encanta es muy bueno muy personal

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