Relationship Paintings: Spring 2006

During the spring of 2006, I was simultaneously working on two bodies of work. The first body of work contains the oil pastel drawings/paintings on wood that I displayed in my previous post. The second body of work was darker than the first, both literally and figuratively.

Through these pieces I explore my relationships with others. These pieces attempt to voice what I cannot articulate in words: the sadness I feel as a relationship comes to a close; the complex feelings I harbor towards my own family; the sadness I experienced at my grandmother's death. My feelings are not always pretty, in fact, they are often dark and disturbing. This body of work accepts these feelings as valid; I do not mask my thoughts in pleasant colors or imagery. My palette is black and white, as the only instruments I use are charcoal, gesso and graphite.

This body of work is an interesting blend of different mediums. They blur the line between painting and drawing, and they also my first attempt at working from photographs. While I usually work from life, I had no way to access the faces of those are far away or deceased. I hope to continue this body of work this fall when I am in New York.

Ari/Todd, 2006, graphite, charcoal on canvas, 60" x 60"

Family Portrait
Family Portrait, 2006, graphite, charcoal, gesso on unstretched canvas, 17' x 3'

Family Portrait Detail 1

Family Portrait Detail 2

Family Portrait Detail 3

Family Portrait Detail 4

Family Portrait Detail 5

Family Portrait Detail 6

Ari/Memomma, 2006, graphite, charcoal, gesso on canvas, 60" x 60"

Ari/Memomma Detail 1

Ari/Memomma Detail 2

Ari/Memomma Detail 3


Ari/Memomma Detail 4

Ari/Memomma Detail 5


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