Charcoal and Pastel: Spring 2006

From June 2005 to June 2006 I worked as an intern for the Dartmouth Studio Art Department. The internship was a great experience and I particularly enjoyed working in the classroom with Dartmouth professors and visiting artists. During the initial months of year as an intern, I floundered around a bit, trying to figure out what kind of art I wanted to make.

Halfway through the academic year I developed a passion for Greek mosaics and other ancient depictions of horses. The Alexander Mosaic of Pompeii (now in Naples) still resonates with me.

In the spring of 2006, I was still using charcoal and oil pastels in my pieces, but the subject matter had somewhat changed. I returned to self portraiture after a year of hiatus from the subject (I had gotten somewhat burnt out from my senior seminar thesis). I also turned to my older pieces for inspiration: I chopped up the wooden pieces into smaller "canvases", which I in turn coated with oil pastel reproductions of Philip Guston, Fra Angelico (inspired by Enrico Riley's painting 1 assignment), self-portraits and rather expressive collages. Enjoy!

Self Portrait Graphite, 2006
graphite on canvas, 24" x 24"

Self Portrait, 2006
oil paint on canvas

Self Portrait 2, 2006
oil paint on canvas

Self Portrait 3, 2006
oil paint, charcoal, graphite on canvas

Charcoal Portrait, 2006
graphite, charcoal on canvas
18" x 24"


Charcoal Portrait 2, 2006
graphite, charcoal on wood
18" x 24"

Charcoal Portrait 3, 2006
graphite, charcoal on wood
18" x 24"

Spanish Steps, 2006
charcoal, gesso on canvas, 10" x 14"

Saint Francis, 2006
oil pastel, paper, collage on wood

Ever the Worrier, 2006
oil paint, paper, walnut ink, collage on wood

Saint Diptych,
oil pastel, paper, collage on wood

Three Faces, 2006
oil pastel on wood

Guston Series, 2006
oil pastel on wood

FuctFamily, 2006
oil paint, paper, collage on wood

Four Self Portraits, 2006
oil pastel, paper, walnut ink on wood

Saint Series, 2006
oil pastel, paper, collage on wood


Anonymous said…
Great site lots of usefull infomation here.
Anonymous said…
Very pretty design! Keep up the good work. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Very intense and appealing self portraits. Your work continues to grow. Very soulful.

Yossi Blum said…
You are goooood! i love your paints,specially the B&W
Anonymous said…
impressiveee! i love your work!
Robyn said…
These are my definate favourite of all of your work. I think the the collages are beautiful,I love the bright pastel against the black and white,notes and bits of newspaper. The graphite self portrait is very expressive :) I just love it all. I'm 16 and im studying art at school,I had to choose an artist influence and It took me a while to find an artist I really liked and I chose you!
Let's hope I do well :)
Also you have a lovely name.
g.papafigos said…
nice job

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