First Blog: Nathan Oliviera Head of Man

my first blog.
thank you Alvin Black III
you are very kind
to me
(he tries)

This is the first post of my blog! I began it in the fall after graduation, while I was working as an intern for the Dartmouth Studio Art Department. I attended Dartmouth College from 2001-2005. Nervous to leave home for the first time, I went to the airport with my mother, only to find that the World Trade Center had been attacked and that all flights were grounded. In fact, my flight from San Francisco to Boston was the polar opposite destination of one of the flights that went down. Traumatized, I spent the next two weeks at home, missing my Freshman Orientation Trip, which at the time seemed integral to establishing one's social life at school. Later, I learned that the trip I had signed up for, Advanced Hiking, was grueling and torturous. So aside from creating bonding friendships in the woods, I didn't miss much.

Nathan Oliviera- Head of Man
I really love this painting "Head of Man" by Nathan Oliviera. It blurs the boundaries among drawing, painting and sculpture. Ghostly and beautiful.

I saw this Raymond Staprans painting at the Hackett-Friedman the other day. It's called "Beach in Spain." I really enjoyed the Staprans show. Some of the pieces resembled Diebenkorns, or even Thiebolds with their neon palette and focus on geometry, yet others had a darker sensibility, recalling such artists as Frank Auerbach.

For some reason this painting in particular stuck in my mind. Perhaps it is his use of the paint (applied in meaty portions in some areas and thinly in others), or perhaps it is the way the painting looks stitched together, or perhaps the simple and very real subject of the painting: a girl turns away in thought as she walks down the street.


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