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Mid-Spring at The Battery 2018

Planting and Watering! Mid-spring: April 21 - May 21
Now that the temperature has risen and the rain is falling, it is time to plant! At the Battery Conservancy, we typically plant to fill areas in the beds where other plants have failed for one reason or another. It can be tricky to plan a garden; there is often a disconnect between the planned garden and the actual garden. For example, a plant that should theoretically do well in a location will not thrive. It may take years of trying out plants to find the right fit. In order to maintain a sense of continuity in the garden, my supervisor uses plants in Piet Oudolf's vocabulary. In addition to the Oudolf-designed perennial beds, the Battery Conservancy also features lawns, an urban farm and native plant gardens. I enjoy working in the native plant "forest farms" as it familiarizes me with native plants that I had never seen before. 

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