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Life at the Flower Shop 2018-2019

This winter, I started working for Starbright Floral Design. Starbright is a family-owned floral design company based in New York City's Historic Flower District. Every day at Starbright is a different adventure; sometimes, the florists are all-consumed with creating 15 pieces for a wedding, or a florist is making an enormous arrangement for a client's weekly order. Behind each head florist is a team of workers who deliver the flowers to the locations, strip leaves and thorns off of flowers, take customer calls and wrappers and dispatchers. So many people contribute to one order, from start to finish. 
In addition to creating amazing floral arrangements, Starbright also sets up holiday decorations, plant care programs for offices, hotels and residences. I began assisting with holiday decorations and then learned to fulfill live plant orders for customers. I am currently assisting with plant care at Starbright's client locations.
Note: All succulent, orchid and plant displa…

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