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Late Spring at the Battery 2018

Late Spring: May 21-June 21 2018

This time of year is an exciting one at The Battery Conservancy. The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and we are in full planting mode! While I cannot judge for Piet Oudolf's other gardens (I have only been to this one and the garden at The High Line), he seems to have a cool palette: flowering plants in shades of pinks, purples, whites, light yellows and blues dominate the garden. What is amazing about his design, however, is that the plants look marvelous both before and after they flower! You can use various textures, colors and sizes of foliage as a focal point - the flowers are an added bonus.

What is truly magical about the late spring is that every June, The Battery Conservancy throws an Annual Gala dinner party, which raises money for the entire conservancy. As gardeners, groundskeepers, farm educators and volunteers, we participated in the event in various degrees. Jo Malone London and its parent company Estee Lauder did…

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