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Ideas, Not People: What the Trump Campaign has Revealed

To all my friends and family in California, New York and in other areas of the country that are so upset about the election: please do not vilify Trump supporters. My little brothers told me that many of their high school classmates in San Francisco think that most of the country (i.e. Trump supporters) are terrible people. This cannot be further from the truth. During my two years living in Ohio, I was surrounded by wonderful, generous and caring people. Never did I hear a racist or sexist comment, never did I feel persecuted for being a woman or a Jew. I felt embraced and accepted.

The struggle of American rural families is real. Hamilton,  where I stayed briefly, used to house two giant paper mills. The city was vibrant and growing. But then in 2012, this changed when two of the hundred-year old paper mills closed within months of each other (visit the  article). Now they are converting the factories into tourist attractions. But what of the jobs that were lost? W…

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